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A kick of energy** you didn’t see coming.

Emergen-C Energy+ with naturally sourced Caffeine from Green Tea helps promote temporary alertness/wakefulness.

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Chewy & tasty way to own your day.

Emergen-C Gummies, made with natural fruit flavours, help maintain immune function and help support energy metabolism.

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Everyday nutritional support.

Emergen-C provides more Vitamin C than 10 oranges, plus B Vitamins, Zinc, Electrolytes, and Antioxidants.

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Emergen-C is your immunity sidekick*.


Emergen-C Super Orange

Emergen-C Super Orange LEARN MORE

Emergen-C Immune+ Raspberry

Emergen-C Immune+ Raspberry Learn More

Emergen-C Energy+ Blueberry Acai

Emergen-C Energy+  Blueberry Acai Learn More
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on any flavour!